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Planning Framework

Master Plan Of Delhi - 2021


Master Plan 2021 has the main vision of setting the principle of the framework, subsequent/forthcoming, formulation or implementation of the modern Master Plan – Delhi 2021. The vision of Master Plan 2021 is necessary to make the Delhi city into the most global metropolis with the world-class city. People could have the most conducive atmosphere with the appropriate infrastructure for conducting themselves on productivity work on the better quality of loving that is mainly suitable for the people in an extensive manner. The main vision of the Master Plan 2021 is to offer the most sustainable environment for the people to live a modern and luxurious lifestyle. Master Plan 2021 is amongst the best things that have necessitated on planning and action that meets every challenge of the growth of population when migration to Delhi. Master Plan 2021 provides adequate housing system for the people with easily addressing all kinds of problems for the smaller enterprises. Master Plan 2021 has been mainly designed on the framework for the most sustainable development that extensively is useful for the residents. With the vision of solving every problem such as up-gradation of old and dilapidated areas, dealing with slums issues, preservation of Delhi’s heritage as well as conservation of the eco-friendly environment in the Delhi for the growth of the people.

Land Pooling Policy:

The vision of the Land Pooling Policy is to prevent the selling of the land without the consent of the owner. Land Pooling Policy was previously notified on 05.09.2013 with the regulations to execute the policy finalized for consideration along with the approval of the Government of India. Land Pooling Policy especially assures on changes in the way of acquisition as well as developments of the land in the Delhi. Landowners need to surrender landholding in the central pool conveniently for becoming the stakeholder on development that is especially proposed on land. Landowners would be having about 48 % or 60% of total land surrendered based on the Land Pooling Policy and according to regulations defined by DDA. Developable land along with the rest is also restrained with the DDA with extensively creating the better infrastructure and it is completely monetized only for the specific purposes. With the introduction of the Land Pooling Policy, many numbers of disputes regarding the undervaluation of the land for the acquisition is removed. The process is quite fair among people and each of the landowners likes the plan irrespective of size with land holding to the extent. The government of NCT, Delhi already approved the stamp duty exemption and the complete process has been started for the developments in the area. With the whole declaration of 95 villages falling under the Land Pooling Policy has been processed to the high extent.

DDA Tends To Work With Private Industry

Getting land has become quite difficult in the location of Delhi for past two decades of time. However, planned development and land acquisition have not maintained pace with augmenting demands of urbanization. The acquisition process is increasingly refused by the landowners owing to the reduced compensation when compared with the market value. The new land pooling policy will facilitate the entry of private industry by considering the owner of land development. On the other hand, land acquired by the land will offer a lump of developed land again back to the landowner rather than compensation. The policy will facilitate private land consolidation by its landowners through pooling policy and hence surrender the land to the Delhi Development Authority.

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