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With the implementation of the Zonal Development Plan, there has been the astounding statutory document implemented top the excellence in Master Plan. Zonal Development Plan has been mainly prepared and processed based on the D.D. Act with the high extensive innovation in the highest manner. Master Plan has been enabled with the layout plans with more efficient linking aspects. Based on the experience of plan up to the year 2001 to cater with the easily increasing population as well as changing the requirements of the city, Master Plan for Delhi – 2001 has been designed with the modification of the MPD-1962 under the Section 11-A of the DD Act. Master Plan for Delhi 2001 has been prepared by the in-house professionals by the DDA.

Based on the recent notification of the National Capital Territory of Delhi with MPD-2001 that is mainly divided into the 15 planning Zones. With the Urban Area are mainly shown with the 8 Zones (A to H) to easily covering the plan based on the Landuse. Zone ‘O’ Covers River Yamuna with based on the remaining 6 zones starting from J, K, L, M,N, and P mainly covering the Urban Extension or Rural area. Recently Delhi witnessed the biggest gap in demand that also used for supplying the extensive housing units to the high excellence.

MPD 2001 has been recently reviewed on the 2006 and it is shown that more than 3.5 lac units have been approved by the DDA. With the need for more than 35 lac units, it is important to mainly force people to easily live in the unauthorized colonies that are mainly based on the agricultural land status.


The government of India has realized slackness with extensively notifying the new plan called the MPD 2021. According to the Gazette Notification No SO 141 dated 07/02/2007, the recent implementation has been given to the maximum standard with the new rules and regulations in the MPD 2021. The MPD 2021 mainly envisaged with the involvements of the private sector that are assured with the developments of the land that are providing with the appropriate infrastructure. Improvement on the current scheme with large-scale development mainly assured with the acquisition of the land that is entrusted with the Delhi Development Authority (DDA).

Objectives Of The Zonal Plan For Planning Zone ‘L’ Are:

  • Connectivity with the Urban Extension and Rural Areas
  • Improved accessibility
  • Upgrade Infrastructure
  • Preserving the natural resources
  • Preserving ecosystem

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