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Proposal Of Healthcare Facilities:

The DDA housing plan for the welfare of people has been allocated with several improvements in terms of healthcare facilities. A hierarchy of hospitals or healthcare facilities has been proposed in order to meet the needs of 20 lakh populace of the Delhi Zone & hence to offer 5 hospitals-beds per thousand populace. With help of enhanced healthcare facilities, it is a worthwhile option to invest your hard earned money in the development of medical zones.

Improvement In Educational Facilities:

Educational facilities have been created for the improvement of life of the children. To allow optimal utilization of needed resources & available education infrastructure, The L Zone of West Delhi has been considered as the major hub for the populace in near future. This zone tends to cover up the area to formulate policies & norms which has been approved in the master plan. Moreover, land measuring about the area of 53.6 ha is to be maintained at 22, 979 hectares & is situated in the south west of Delhi but it is extremely nearer to the south Delhi. However, the zone shares almost all the boundaries.

Emergence Of Sports Facilities:

Metro city life – the L Zone is decorated with trendy amenities and hence has quick access to the forthcoming Delhi’s biggest golf course. In this zone, a location of about 17 ha has been allocated for the purpose of sports training institute. New sports facilities around the area have been surrounded by means of Railway line and NH-10 or Rohtak Road on the north & Dwarka Sub-City at the east. Being available around the Zone in terms of a hierarchy of divisional sports center or Golf course, the community most well-connected zone and district sports center of the city make the L-Zone as the highly preferred residential zone in the forthcoming 5 years time. The Zone L seems to be visualized to be the next locality to wipe out the space-related problem taking place in the city.

Communication Facilities:

One of the most important aspects in the housing scheme created by the Delhi development authority is communication facility. The authorities have been allocating adequate spacing to create necessary communication links so that people will be highly benefitted out of it. Two different plots of the head post of each 2500 square meter and two different plots of telephone exchange each having 2500 square meter are to be offered. In addition to that, remote subscriber units have been implemented within the radius of about 3 km of each having 300 square meters will be allocated in this scheme/sector at a specific location.

High-Tech Security & Safety Facilities:

The developers of the housing scheme have been showing utmost interest to implement high tech safety and security features around the housing project so that people can able to lead a protected life without any danger. Police post or police station, jail and police lines etc shall be implemented for the sake of public or semipublic usage. To accomplish this, the 13 ha land has been allocated for security facilities and 15 ha have been allocated for safety facilities. The fire station has also been proposed for the people to protect them from unforeseen danger.

With these many facilities, it is extremely beneficial to obtain a land in Delhi region. It is the best option for the retired professionals, government employees, and other investors. One of the most essential aspects of the DDA scheme is to provide well-positioned sheltered housing for the people of different categories.

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