Australian developers earn over $800K – $1,800K annually

Posted November 14, 2018 09:04:38 The number of developers in Australia is growing, with a record number of jobs created in the past 12 months, according to figures released by the Australian Government.The number of people working in the software industry in Australia grew by 17,000 last year, according the Australian Industry Group.It says the number of new jobs created since January 1st, 2018...

How to earn a developer salary in the new year

Developer salaries have surged in recent years as more developers are finding themselves on the ropes of a rapidly changing industry.But, if you're one of the thousands of new jobs created each year, your salary will almost certainly be nowhere near what your peers are making.In fact, the average developer salary is lower than what the median developer earns in the United States.It was $42,000 in...

How to set up your first app development company

Developer salaries in Australia can be very competitive, but some are better than others.With many companies using the same codebase, it's easy to confuse which one to hire.This article will show you which developer tools are right for you, and how to set them up.There are lots of different ways to build apps, but the best way is to get creative and find your own path.Read on to find out more.

Job-hopping and job-stealing: How a new generation of employers is exploiting brain development

By David O'BrienPublished December 16, 2017 8:33:22A new generation is taking over the workplace.They're also hiring from the same generation.Job-hoppers, job-seekers, job seekers are in demand.The rise of the "job-stealer" has sparked an industry-wide debate on whether we can learn from their mistakes and adapt to the changing economy.And as we look ahead to the next decade of job-growth, we...

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