The Twitter Developer Gets a $1,500 Bonus in Retirement

A real estate developer who has worked on a number of major real estate deals has been rewarded with a $5,000 bonus in retirement.

Chris O’Sullivan, who worked on the purchase of a house in New York City for $3.7 million and the development of the Westfield Hotel in Toronto, received his $1.5 million bonus in December.

O’Neill received the bonus in the form of a lump sum payment of $1 million that he will receive in retirement, according to the company.

Ongoing real estate projects have included the purchase and development of The Westfield in Toronto and the construction of the new Hilton Toronto in Toronto.

The property is now owned by a group of investors and is scheduled to be completed in the second half of 2021.

In December, the hotel was awarded a $3 million loan for the renovation of the building, according an announcement from the hotel’s owner, the Hilton Toronto.

O’sullivan was the project lead for the project, which included the development and sale of properties in Manhattan, New York and Toronto.

He is currently working on other projects in the Toronto area, including a hotel at the corner of Queen Street West and Yonge Street West, as well as the renovation and acquisition of an apartment building on the same block.

O Sullivan’s real estate experience is well known among real estate developers.

He worked on several major residential developments in the Bay Area, including the acquisition of the historic San Pablo Hotel on the corner site of Yonge and King Streets.

Ollison also worked as a consultant for real estate firm Zillow on the sale of the Yonge-Queen Street property.

In 2016, O’ Sullivan sold the former Gage Park Apartments at 751 Yonge St., which was previously known as the Gage Hill Apartments.

The sale was the largest condo sale in the city’s history.