Walmart Film Developing ‘Downton Abbey’ Film With Hollywood Developer

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming adaptation of Downton Arianne’s epic tale of the British Royal Family’s rise to power will feature a Hollywood developer as its writer and executive producer.

The article states that the film’s screenplay will be penned by Oscar-winning screenwriter and writer of “The Dark Knight Returns” and “Man of Steel,” Christopher Nolan, and the film will also feature a team of producers, including Warner Bros. Pictures president Kevin Tsujihara, Warner Bros.’ chief creative officer Joe Cornish, and Sony Pictures CEO Alex Kurtzman.

The announcement comes after Walt Disney Pictures announced plans to produce a sequel to “Downtontai” in 2018.

The studio announced the plans in May, though no word on whether the sequel will feature the voice talents of the main characters from the original series.

Development Is Supported By

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