How to make your kid hate you

By now, you know the basics of building a web app with a toddler.

First, you build a layout.

The default layout is grid-based, with a grid of rectangles on the screen and a line of text on top of it.

To change the layout, click on a square in the grid.

Then, on the next screen, you select a different square.

On the next, you add text.

Then you can move the text around the screen, and if you want to make it bigger, you can add text on the top or bottom of it, or you can remove it.

If you click on the box on the left that says “Edit,” you can edit the text that appears in the box.

If the box says “Delete,” it will disappear.

This is called editing a block of text.

To delete a block, click the delete button in the top right corner.

You can then remove that block.

The blocks are then deleted.

That’s how you make a tween like this:

Twt Twt Twtt Twtt

Twt TweetsTweet this

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