Trump: We need ‘a much, much bigger, much more powerful force’

The White House is considering new sanctions against Russia and the country’s state-owned media as part of an effort to punish Russia’s aggression in eastern Ukraine.

The U.S. administration is considering a range of new sanctions as part the so-called Magnitsky Act, named after a Russian lawyer who exposed corruption in the Kremlin.

The sanctions, which could include financial penalties and penalties on travel, could also target entities and individuals involved in the alleged corruption of former President Viktor Yanukovych and the removal of Ukraine from the Russian Federation, said a senior administration official.

Trump said he wants to punish the “systematic, global” corruption of Ukraine and called for its removal.

“It is not acceptable that the people of Ukraine have to pay the price for Russia’s actions, for Russia to have such a huge influence in Ukraine,” Trump said.

The administration official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the administration’s thinking.

Trump’s statement comes a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin said the U.N. Security Council would meet in New York on Feb. 12 to discuss a resolution of the Ukraine crisis.

The United States and Russia have been at odds over Ukraine since the country was annexed by Russia in 2014.

Trump has repeatedly questioned whether the Security Council can or should take action to punish Putin for annexing Ukraine, which he sees as a violation of the U-N. Charter.

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