China to make more investments in human development

China will invest more in human resources in 2017, the country’s top human resources official said on Wednesday, in what will be a landmark achievement in the countrys ambitious development plans.

A senior official in the state-run Central Leading Group for Human Resources said China would spend around 4.2 trillion yuan ($5.7 trillion) in 2017 on human resources, and that this investment would not be funded by the country´s economic output.

In the last three years, China has invested around 2.7 trln yuan ($4.1 trillion) on human capital development and development projects, according to the official.

China will continue to increase its investment in human capital, the official said.

The Chinese government will also expand its involvement in the development of young people, he added.

China is one of the world´s largest marketplaces for international talent.

Its companies employ over 5 million workers, making it one of Asia´s top employers of foreign talent.

China also plans to invest in infrastructure to improve the human resources system and the education system, as well as improve the quality of human capital and education.