Twitter’s new app development platform, Twitter’s New App Development Platform, launches in Canada

A new platform for the online service Twitter has been announced.

The Twitter Developer Program is designed to provide a “platform for developers to quickly and securely publish apps and games that build on the power of Twitter”, according to a release by the company.

Developers can create applications using Twitter’s own APIs, which allow for a seamless and fast development process.

“Developers will be able to quickly, securely and easily publish applications using the new API for Twitter’s developer tools,” the release said.

“The API will be a central location for developers, allowing developers to manage their apps on Twitter, publish and receive notifications, and track developer activity.”

“Developing for Twitter is fast, easy and fun, and you’ll be able enjoy a great developer experience once you’re ready to launch your app,” Twitter said.

The platform is designed for developers who are already familiar with the tools and API, but the company says it will help “developers to rapidly, securely, and easily create apps and video games that run on Twitter”.

The company says the API will allow developers to:1.

Create and publish apps using Twitter tools2.

Create, publish, publish videos and music3.

Create social media apps that connect users to Twitter content4.

Track developer activity.

The new platform is available in Canada, United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.