Australian developers earn over $800K – $1,800K annually

Posted November 14, 2018 09:04:38 The number of developers in Australia is growing, with a record number of jobs created in the past 12 months, according to figures released by the Australian Government.

The number of people working in the software industry in Australia grew by 17,000 last year, according the Australian Industry Group.

It says the number of new jobs created since January 1st, 2018 has exceeded 100,000, while the number added since February is more than 250,000.

The growth rate is a significant jump, and shows Australia’s software developers are a significant part of the Australian economy.

“There is a huge amount of demand for skilled Australians in Australia,” the organisation’s CEO, Stephen Smith, said.

The increase in demand for software developers has led to a rise in salaries, with the average developer earning over $80,000 per year.”

We also see that our software developers tend to be in the top-end skills, which is a reflection of the high demand for skills.”

The increase in demand for software developers has led to a rise in salaries, with the average developer earning over $80,000 per year.

Mr Smith said that the growth in the number and pay of developers was good news for the country’s economy.”[It’s] good news in terms of people who are in the workforce,” he said.”[This is] good for the growth of the economy and jobs, and good for our economy overall.”

He said that although the rise in software developer salaries was good for a number of reasons, they were also a reflection on the quality of Australian software development.

“We also look at how much of our software development is done by Australian developers,” he explained.

“So, for example, the software development workforce is not as high quality as the software developed in China.”

The growth in pay is also linked to a significant number of Australian-made software being sold on the market.

“Our software developers earn more per hour than most in the industry, and that’s because we’re doing this on our own, rather than outsourcing to third parties,” Mr Smith said.

The data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that software developers in Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria, are the highest paid in the country, and the majority of Australian jobs in these states are in software development and related roles.

It is also important to note that Australia has one of the highest software development costs in the world, at $4.8 billion per year for software development in Queensland and $3.9 billion per day in Western Australia.

“The fact that we have one of those costs in Australia and in the US is also very relevant,” Mr Schulman said.

“In terms of the quality, the quality in software we produce, we have to be able to get that done in the best way possible, so we’re very proud of that.”