Map-making software developer admits to stealing maps

Google developer Kevin Smith says he used a map tool called OpenStreetMap to help create a fake job posting on a local job board.

Smith is now facing a lawsuit from the company. 

According to court documents, Smith sent the job listing to an email address linked to his online profile, which is owned by the company OpenStreetMapper.

OpenStreetMaps is a free open source software program that allows anyone to create, edit, and share maps that people can share with each other.

Smith was one of hundreds of thousands of people who used the program.

Smith said he was unaware of the unauthorized use of the maps.

Smith has pleaded not guilty to the charge. 

OpenStreetMap has received criticism from privacy advocates for allowing people to access information about others without their consent, including when using GPS trackers, and has been called a tool that can be used to stalk people. 

The company has faced several lawsuits over the years from former employees who claim the software violated their privacy.