Disney: ‘The Jungle Book’ will feature more women

Disney’s animated film The Jungle Book will feature an all-female cast in the upcoming sequel, Disney announced Thursday.

The Jungle book is set in a tropical jungle and stars a young princess, Anais, as she and her friends travel to a nearby village for a celebration.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said the film will introduce more women to the company.

Disney has been working on a sequel to The Jungle book for years, but this is the first time the studio has brought a major character like Anais into the story.

Iger also confirmed a few other upcoming movies will feature women, including an upcoming movie about a man and a woman who go on a trip to the jungle to find a baby bear.

“The Jungle story is an exciting new story that we are bringing to life,” Iger told reporters at the company’s headquarters in Hollywood, California.

“It’s a world where a woman can change the course of a very long story, and we want to make sure we can do that.”

Disney has not yet released a synopsis of the sequel.

It’s currently slated for a 2019 release.

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