Why should you care about the next decade of development goals?

Millions of people are counting on you, the world’s population, to be more active in building a brighter future for the world and the people.

But are you aware of the incredible opportunity for you to help bring about change and build a brighter world?

If you’re ready, here are the seven billion people that have the potential to do just that.

What are the five Millennium Development Goals? 

The five Millennium development goals (MDGs) are:1.

Ensure a sustainable, equitable and inclusive future for all children and young people in the world by 2030.2.

Ensure that the human development index (HDI) is 2.0 or higher by 2030, by 2030 or later.3.

Ensure the health and well-being of all children in the age group below 5 years and all adults over the age of 65 by 2030 and beyond.4.

Ensure access to high-quality, safe and effective health care, including access to primary and tertiary education, by 2020 and beyond5.

Ensure equal access to opportunity for all people in all countries through the rule of law and equitable access to resources.6.

Ensure universal access to safe and equitable water and sanitation for all and promote the adoption of technology-based strategies for reducing, reducing and eliminating waterborne diseases, particularly diarrhoea, diphtheria and tetanus.7.

Ensure an end to extreme poverty, extreme inequalities and systemic injustice through a sustainable and inclusive development model that protects and supports the most vulnerable.

How to contribute to the MDGs and the other six development goals mentioned above? 

In a nutshell, the MDG-6 aims to build a world in which the most disadvantaged and vulnerable are no longer excluded from the most important human activities and opportunities. 

In this sense, the five MDGs are the most ambitious and progressive development goals in the history of the world. 

It’s estimated that, by 2050, every adult in the country will be eligible for the MDg-6, as will every child and young person. 

The MDGs are set to come into force on 1 January 2020 and will be implemented from 2030 to 2032. 

This means that people around the world are expected to have a greater say in how the MDogans are implemented, which is why you should be very concerned about the MDgs as you plan your development plans and the implementation of the MDogs. 

How can I be involved? 

If you are currently involved in the development of an MDG or want to become involved, you can help ensure that all people get the same opportunities to fulfil their human potential. 

We have developed the following links to help you get started:The MDGs will take effect in 2019, but they will be subject to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, so if you are a member of the UN, please sign the Declaration of Sustainable Development as soon as possible to get started. 

You can also use our interactive tool, MDG7 and share your thoughts on how the goals should be implemented and how you can make a difference. 

There is a new MDG available that will also help to ensure that everyone can achieve their MDG. 

If that is your priority, please contact the World Development Report and tell them about your involvement. 

A number of organisations and organisations have also put together a wealth of resources on MDGs for individuals and organisations interested in supporting the MDigitalisation of development. 

 If your organisation or organisation is interested in contributing to the development and implementation of these MDGs, please see our contribution guide.