How to stop the trend of kids using the word “nigger”

The term “nigga” has been popping up more often on social media since the Trump administration took office, but it isn’t the only one.

Now a new trend of young people using the phrase could be causing serious problems for the United States.

The term, which has become a staple of Twitter conversations, is being used as slang and offensive, as the Associated Press has reported.

It’s been used by teenagers, tweens and even adults.

The word is often used in slang terms, including “niggas,” “bitch,” “cocaine,” “faggot” and “nappy.”

And when it’s used in public, it can have negative connotations, with some calling it a racial slur, a hate crime and even “white supremacy.”

The AP spoke with dozens of parents, educators, law enforcement and others who spoke with the AP about the word, which they said has made its way onto social media and is not only being used in racist contexts but also offensive.

The AP reached out to a handful of schools and districts to learn about the prevalence of the term, how it is being misused, and how it can be addressed.

Here’s what we learned.

Schools are stepping up: Some are creating new policies to combat the trend, including banning the use of the phrase, banning “nagga” on school grounds and barring students from using it in classroom situations.

Some schools are also taking steps to stop it.

The school district of Washington, D.C., is working with teachers to create a safe learning environment.

The District School District of Washington has banned the term.

“The use of that term by a large number of students is a very disturbing and offensive way to express themselves,” said D.N. Anderson, a principal at The High School of Maryland.

“It’s not a way to be polite, it’s a way of being mean to someone who is not their peers.

And it’s being misappropriated in that way.

The best way to deal with that is to educate our students about how it’s not okay to use that language.”

The district has also created a new policy for teachers about the use and abuse of the word.

“We have a lot of staff members and teachers who are very active in helping students and students learn about their own identities and how to use the words they see and hear in that context,” said Superintendent Michelle K. Miller.

“And that’s something that I think we really have to continue to do.”

In other words, if you see a teacher using the term “black” or “n****r,” don’t say it to them.

The phrase is gaining popularity: In the United Kingdom, it has been used in the past to refer to a child or young person who doesn’t look or behave like a normal person.

And some people think it’s offensive.

It is also a derogatory term that can be used in certain contexts.

The term is also being used to describe a person who is a member of a different race.

In the United Arab Emirates, a group of young men were banned from using the “n” word, or black, in public for a year in February.

The U.S. Education Department has created a “black-centric” curriculum, but some teachers say they’ve noticed that the term is still used by young people.

They’re trying to get it removed from school grounds, Miller said.

“It’s been a little bit of a wake-up call for us,” Miller said, noting that some of the students who are being taught the “black curriculum” are from the District of Columbia.

Miller said that the U.K. is also working to create its own “black education” curriculum for students in England.

Miller and Miller said the U,S.

Department of Education has also put together a “Nigga Guide,” which includes a list of words that have been banned in the U and England.

“The N-word is not allowed on school premises,” it says.

The department also said that it is reviewing its policies regarding racial slurs.

“I think it really depends on the school, but I’ve definitely heard from schools that they are banning the word,” Miller added.

“I would encourage them to do that.”

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