‘Job creation’ has slowed but there are plenty of opportunities

For many tech workers in tech, a new job can be the beginning of the end of a career.

Many companies have stopped hiring full-time workers in recent years.

In the past two years, the number of people hired or promoted by companies fell by more than 2 million, according to a report from consulting firm Deloitte.

And in the last few months, the pace of job losses in the tech industry has slowed down a bit, according in a new report from Deloise.

There were more than 1 million fewer jobs in tech last year than in 2016, according the report.

But there are many ways that people in tech can be laid off.

Some employees are laid off due to illness or health issues.

The layoffs are usually permanent.

Many tech companies have had to lay off staff as they try to grow and attract more talent.

Employers are also increasingly turning to automation, which reduces costs for workers.

That trend has created a new class of job seekers, according to the report: the job seekers who are willing to accept a reduced salary.

While the number has slowed, there are still plenty of job openings for tech workers, even if the pay is low.

The tech industry is still recovering from the recent tech bust.

Even though the tech bubble burst in 2008, the economy is recovering from it.

The number of jobs in the sector has remained steady since.

But for some, the jobless rate in the industry has dropped to a historic low of 4.4 percent.

The unemployment rate for the full-year period that ended in September was 4.3 percent.

Job seekers are often offered a job offer in exchange for a pay cut.

Some of the new tech jobs are even paying less than what people in the middle class are making.

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