How a Spanish developer became the creator of an Android app that became the world’s most downloaded app

A Spanish developer who created an Android application that was the world ‘s most downloaded application was arrested by US authorities on charges of operating a botnet, according to Spanish media reports.

A Spanish prosecutor’s office said the developer, who goes by the name ‘Hex’, was arrested in San Antonio on Tuesday for his role in the production of a bot that made millions of dollars of illegal payments from a number of different countries.

Hex has been charged with operating a large-scale botnet.

He has denied the allegations and the FBI has not commented on the matter.

Haxxo, who has a Spanish-language website, was arrested on the day that he was due to be deported to Spain.

The FBI has been tracking him for months, but the case has gained greater urgency because of recent developments in the technology sector, according, Reuters.

The company has been shut down in Spain, where authorities have launched an investigation into the alleged botnet that generated the vast majority of its revenue, Reuters reported.

The arrest follows a week in which US officials accused the company of making millions of fraudulent payments from the world of millions of people.US authorities are seeking to determine whether Hex had any role in facilitating the payments, and if he was able to use the payments to launder money.

He is the latest of several high-profile developers to face charges in the United States, which has seen a surge in the number of arrests and criminal prosecutions.

Hes been linked to a number other botnet operators, including one of the biggest botnets in the world, and a group of more than 80 alleged bot operators in the US and Europe.

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