Why you need to be more involved with your children’s development

How do you help your children develop in the digital age?

We talked to a team of experts who helped a family of six improve their social skills, get more involved in the local community, and get on a good track to becoming a better, more resilient adult.

The Lad Bible is an online resource for families in rural India, offering practical advice on everything from parenting to family planning, nutrition and childcare, and more.

It was created by a team that includes two women, three men, a child and a mentor.

Their goal is to help people get on the same page as parents.

They offer practical advice about what to do, what to watch, and what to avoid.

The team have helped thousands of families navigate the challenges of digital and connected life.

They have a deep understanding of the human psyche and what can go wrong when people become distracted and overwhelmed by the internet.

They also understand how technology is transforming the way we live.

They believe in the power of the people, not the technology.

The group is based in the state of Maharashtra and works closely with local organisations and schools to help parents make the right choices.

For example, they work with the school board to help children identify and follow their local curriculum.

The LAD Bible was launched in 2017.

It is a team-based organisation.

The people who work in the group are all volunteers.

They help run the blog, which is the most important tool of the LAD team.

It covers the daily needs of the group.

They answer questions about the Lads’ daily lives, and answer queries about other Lads, so they can find out what problems they are facing.

They also answer questions on what needs to be done for the family to become a better parent, and how to get things done in their day to day lives.

One of the most popular posts on the LADS blog is about how to use social media to get parents more involved.

They recommend using apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, or Instagram, and using an app called Wickr to track your family and social media activities.

They talk about the benefits of getting involved with others in the community, the power in building relationships, and the value of being active in community and learning.

The blogs also have other content.

They give tips on how to make the most of your child’s digital and social skills.

They write about how parents can use technology to keep track of their children’s progress and how children can learn by seeing the results of their efforts.

There are also stories about how children have been learning through play, through music and films.

They talk about how technology can help children get on in their lives, so parents can get more out of their digital lives and have fun too.

They write about a recent survey of 2,000 children that found they are better parents if they spend at least 20% of their waking hours playing, playing, and watching their kids.

The survey was conducted in India in July 2017 and surveyed 1,000 parents.

The parents are all of different ages, but all of them had a smartphone.

The project is based on research conducted by the Childline Foundation.

The project is a partnership between the Childlines, the India Childline Association and the Indian Association for Development Research and Education.