How to get a baby’s development milestone from the baby’s perspective

A mother-to-be has found that having a baby with autism can be just as challenging as the autism spectrum disorder that causes the disorder, but it can also help with milestones like having a sibling with the disorder. 

Jennifer S. says that she started her baby’s milestone journey when she was just eight months pregnant with her daughter. 

“I knew I was a great mom, and I wanted my baby to have all of the same milestones,” Jennifer told The Huffington Post.

“My baby was eight months old and I had just gotten my first child.

I went out to the hospital and got a checkup on my baby.”

Jennifer and her husband of a year, Ryan, were worried about the birth of their daughter, and decided to try and find out if there was any way to have the milestone with autism.

“I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to worry about my child being at a developmental disadvantage, but I also wanted to do something with it that would help her,” she said.

Ryan and Jennifer S. in 2014.

Jennifer was a single mom of four when she and her partner decided to have their daughter with autism, but they didn’t know what that meant.

“It was definitely a new concept for me, so I really didn’t really know how to get it explained to me,” Jennifer said.

When Ryan and Jennifer found out about the autism milestone, they decided to start the journey together, starting with getting a baby milestone and learning how to do it from the perspective of their baby.

They decided to go for a baby milestones plan that had everything from milestones to milestones, but also included a developmental perspective.

Jennifer, Ryan and their daughter.

The Sis said that they had a baby sister and that they decided they wanted to have a sibling milestone for the child with autism spectrum disorders, which was to have an autistic sibling as a baby. 

Ryan, who had previously been a professional chef, said that learning how the milestones were done helped him get a little more comfortable in the process of planning out the milestones.

“I was kind of surprised how quickly everything was done,” Ryan said.

“There’s a lot of planning that goes into it, and it’s all very organized.”

Ryan said that he has a feeling that the milestones will help both Ryan and his daughter.

“She will definitely benefit from having her sister as a milestone, and she will benefit from it because it’ll be something that will be helpful for her,” Ryan added.

“The milestones are the most helpful thing I’ve ever learned in this process,” Jennifer added.

“For us, the milestones are like a bucket of water.

We’re just going to throw in the water and see what comes out.”

Ryan and his son, who is now two years old, are planning to celebrate their milestone this weekend with a party that includes their daughter and their son.