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Developer Arrests are a growing issue, with the rise of developers using the developer option on Android devices.

The developer option allows developers to sell their apps for free and then offer developers the option to purchase an app license from the Google Play Store.

The option is particularly popular among developers that use a number of different platforms, including iOS and Windows, which have their own apps for developers to choose from.

This is not a good way to develop apps, and the developer’s option will always attract developers that want to monetize apps.

However, there is a loophole that developers can exploit to sell apps.

In a blog post published on Thursday, developer Michael B. Smith stated that he had been arrested for selling an app that included content he had made available for free to the public.

Smith, who is currently facing up to six months in prison for the crime, says he has never been charged with violating any laws related to the developer license.

However he says he did not have permission from Google to distribute his app.

“I was only supposed to be selling the app to my friends, so I was selling it for free,” Smith wrote.

“The app didn’t even include my app name.

It was called ‘Answers for the Curious.'”

The problem with the developer licenses is that they allow developers to distribute their apps on a wide range of platforms, and not all of them are approved by Google.

The issue has led to an increase in developers who are using the option, but many developers say they will never be able to sell an app they have made available to the world.

Developers can sell their app in a number a different ways, including for free, but the only option available to developers is to use the developer contract to make the app available for sale to the Google Store.

Developers are also free to sell the apps in their app stores if they choose to do so, but only to those who can afford to pay.

The problem is that there is no mechanism to prevent these developers from selling their apps.

The reason is that Google only gives developers a choice to pay for the app, so that is where the developer can be in the business of making the app.

Google has said that they will enforce the developer-only licensing on developers who violate the license, but it is not clear if they have done so.

If developers do not want to sell in Google’s store, there are a number options available to them, including using the Google Developer Console or Google Play Developer Tools.

Developers also have the option of using the “Developer Services” on their own device to sell a product or service to the general public, and it is possible to monetise your apps on Google Play through the Developer Services.

If you are a developer, the developer options are your only options, and if you have been arrested, you may be facing a long prison sentence.

This article was updated on March 23, 2018, to include the official statement from Google.

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