Which is the best state to work for?

A study by the Bureau of Statistics has revealed which states have the best employment opportunities for young people, with the University of Wollongong and the University at Adelaide leading the way.

Key points:The Bureau of statistics says jobs in the education sector have been growing in most statesThe study shows that employment opportunities in the tertiary education sector are the strongest in the statesThe University of Western Australia and the Sydney University were found to have the most talented graduatesThe findings come as a result of a joint survey by the universities and the BIS, with researchers analysing the information in more detail than previously.

The study of more than 20,000 people across the country found that jobs in education and training had been growing for young Australians since the recession.

It found that the jobs that had been created in the last three years were the strongest, with employment opportunities that have grown the most for both tertiary and non-tertiary education workers.

But it also found that many of those opportunities were also being lost, with many workers unable to find employment.

While employment opportunities were growing in many sectors, the study also found they were not always accessible to people who needed them most.

“It’s very hard to find the best jobs when there are no jobs available,” University of Melbourne economist Michael van Gennen said.

“There are lots of opportunities that are lost to those who have a lot of skills, and those who don’t have skills.”

Dr van Gennaen said that the government was working to provide more employment opportunities to people with skills, such as computer and maths skills, but also to ensure that young people were able to access them.

“A lot of the jobs we have in education are in the high skills, high skills sectors, so the question is: how do we help young people access those jobs?” he said.

The University at Perth economist Dr Jennifer Riddle said the education and skills gap was widening.

“The jobs that are being lost are also those that are in low-skilled, high-skilled sectors, and so that’s one area where the government’s focused on getting more high-skill jobs,” she said.

Dr Riddle pointed to the Australian Skills Network, which has been launched in 2017 to support the training of people with computer skills and maths.

“We think we can help those with skills to have a job that’s available in the workplace and help people who are struggling to access that,” she added.

“In terms of access to employment, we’ve seen a lot more employment in the sector, particularly in the arts and entertainment, and that’s something that we want to get more of.”

The report also found a strong correlation between the level of a person’s tertiary qualifications and the likelihood of getting a job.

“Tertiary education graduates are more likely to have higher qualifications than those who do not have a tertiary degree, with an average of 9.4 times higher tertiary attainment,” the report said.

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